What if buying a website was as as buying a shampoo?

We built a software that creates unlimited person-
alised websites in

Pitch Deck

There are two problems: buying a business website is way too complicated for small businesses and scaling a service company is nearly impossible.

Till now.

Business Model
including financial data

As we found a way to scale our agency model and enter new markets without barriers our goal is to constantly open new markets and establish pagerzz as a global player.  

Competitive Analysis
and advantages…

Why we do not suffer of traditional provider troubles anymore and how we get one step ahead with the pagerzz software and business model.

The Product
Customer Preview Website

The pagerzz websites are completely adapted to clients industry, their services and even years in business. As a result from the fact that the websites are using the worlds most used CMS WordPress, all websites are easy extendable.

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